Bruce Bierman

Bruce Bierman is a graduate of the U.C. Santa Cruz Theatre department and has focused his studies in recent years on the art of Jewish performance. As a dancer and teacher, he performed and taught with the Los Angeles International Aman Folk Ensemble and the Music Center on Tour program, bringing world dance and music to thousands of youth throughout California. Bruce began with an interest in Rikud HaAm while living on a kibbutz for a year. He also completed a summer course in Israel for Foreign Dance teachers with a focus on Yemenite dance. He was first introduced to Yiddish dance at a Klez California festival and has since gone on to study with several master teachers around the country including Steve Weintraub, Deborah Strauss and the late great Felix Fibich. Bruce is now a leading presenter of Jewish dance and theater at festivals and conferences and is a part of the teaching faculty of the Stagebridge Theater Company and Sherith Israel in San Francisco.