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Estee Solomon Gray

Judaism Unbound
Senior Fellow
Palomar Park, California
Estee said yes to helping found Limmud Bay Area (LBA) the day Mila called.  She served on the Board until 2018.  On the first day of the first LBA, she offered a session reframing Jews as the People of the Link (not the Book) and suggesting that the already multi-decade worldwide history of Limmud was a story of the next/new era of Judaism emerging.  Since coming to the Bay Area in 1980, Estee has interwoven careers in technology, social entrepreneurship and Jewish community building.  Her Millenial sons, Gilad and Ilan, are now avid Limmudniks, while her husband, Moshe, prefers to sit these big events out.  She has played strategic roles on the boards of the Palo Alto JCC, Hausner (then Mid-Peninsula) Jewish Community Day School, Hillel at Stanford,  SFJCF, The Mussar Institute,  Ameinu and the  Yedidya Institute for Jewish Spirituality.  She is currently a Senior Fellow of the Institute for the Next Jewish Future and  producer of the Judaism Unbound podcast.